Marie-Francoise Guyonnaud

Marie-Françoise Guyonnaud



Faculté Jean Monnet
54, Boulevard Desgranges
92330 SCEAUX

Phone: 06 13 21 19 23

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Telecom engineer with a master’s degree in sustainable development management, I have evolved professionally in industry and services by developing products and services rooted in the local economy (urban services, services to residents, real estate).

Currently, the challenges of climate change, the third industrial revolution at work driven by the development of the internet and the transition to a knowledge economy are all challenges for public and private organizations in the development of their actions in the territories. These challenges highlight the issue of the intangible assets of a territory.

I wanted to open a new page to develop an analytical framework at the service of this issue by carrying out a thesis at the RITM under the supervision of Pr Ahmed Bounfour: “Territorial intangible assets, digital platform strategies and territorial innovation: evaluation and management “.