Stefanija Veljanovska

Stefanija Veljanoska


Maison des sciences économiques: 106-112 Boulevard de l’Hôpital, 75013 Paris

Office: 220

Fields of Research

Development Economics, Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, Migration

University and Community Service

2015-2017 Teaching and Research Assistant (ATER) at University Paris-Sud

PhD in Economics at University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and Paris
School of Economics
Dissertation : “Agricultural risk, remittances and climate change
in rural Africa”
Committee : Pascale Motel Combes (referee), Margherita Comola,
Salvatore Di Falco (referee), Alberto Zezza, Katrin Millock (advisor)


2015-2017 : T.A. in Macroeconomics at University Paris-Sud (Undergraduate)
Professor : Nicolas Soulié
2015-2017 T.A. in Microeconomics at University Paris-Sud (Undergraduate)
Professor : Jean-Michel Etienne
2012-2015 T.A. in Macroeconomics at University Paris 1 (Undergraduate)
Professors : Jean Olivier Hairault and Elisabeth Cudeville
2013-2015 T.A. in Econometrics at University Paris 1 (Undergraduate)
Professor : Catherine Doz
2011-2013 T.A. in Statistics at University Paris 1 (Undergraduate)
Professors : Claude Bressand, Patricia Vornetti and Jean-Etienne Mestre
2011-2012 T.A. in Microeconomics at University Paris 1 (Undergraduate)
Professors : Andre Lapidus and Catherine Sofer

Research Dissemination

2015-2016 Lunch Seminar : Environmental and Resource Economics, PSE & University Paris 1 ; Casual Friday Development Seminar, PSE ; Interdisciplinary PhD Workshop in Sustainable Development (IPWSD) at Columbia University, New York ; Journées de Microéconomie Appliquée in Besançon, France ; 3rd FAERE annual conference in Bordeaux, France

2014-2015 1st PhD Workshop on Economics of Migration in Southampton, UK; CSAE Conference 2015 in Oxford, UK; 6th EAAE PhD Workshop in Rome, Italy; Lunch Seminar: Environmental and Resource Economics, University Paris 1;

2013-2014 Lunch Seminar : Environmental and Resource Economics, PSE & University Paris 1 ; Doctoral days at “Centre des études et de la recherche sur le développement international” (CERDI) in Clermont-Ferrand (France) ; D&G PhD Workshop at University Paris 1 ; Annual World Bank Conference on Africa (ABCA) in Paris ; 14th EAAE Congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia ; 16th Annual Bioecon Conference in Cambridge, UK; 3rd International Conference on Environment and natural resources management in developing and transition economies at CERDI, Clermont-Ferrand (France)


Work in progress:

“Agricultural Risk and Remittances: The Case of Uganda”

“Are Remittances Promoting Fertilizer Use among Ugandan Farmers ?”

“Can Land Fragmentation Reduce the Exposure of Rural Households to Weather
Variability ?”

“Water inequality and conflict” co-authored with Katrin Millock