Bachelor in Economics & Management

The Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management of the Université Paris-Saclay is a three-year program that offers core courses in Economics and Management, as well as cross-disciplinary elective courses (in Mathematics, Languages, Law or Information Technologies). The program helps students to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge required to become an economist or a manager on the job market, or to pursue a Master’s degree or another specialized training post-bachelor in Economics or Management sciences.

The 1st year (L1) provides students with basic knowledge of Economics, Management and Business Administration. From the 2nd year (L2), students specialize in either Economics or Management, by choosing elective blocks. In the 3rd year (L3), students choose a specific track in Economics (Applied Economics), or in Management (Accounting or Business Administration)

The Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management also offers selective tracks for students with particular backgrounds:

  • An “e-learning” track for students who cannot attend class in person (e.g. students with disabilities, high-level athletes)
  • A “DU Langues et Civilisations” track for students who want to follow a multi-language program (English, German, Spanish, Chinese)
  • An “Erasmus+” track for students who want to spend a semester/year in a foreign partner university
  • A “Fast” track for students able to conduct the L1 and L2 years at once (in one year, instead of two)

Entry requirement & admission process

Students should have a strong interest in Economics, Management, and Business issues, and hold a general baccalaureate with a recommended major in “Mathematics” (or a complementary mathematics option), “Economic & Social Sciences”, or “History, Human Geography, Geopolitics, and Political Science”.

See this dedicated page for admission details.

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Bachelor in Economics & Mathematics

The Bachelor’s Double Degree in Economics and Mathematics is a three-year bi-disciplinary program offering solid and balanced training in Economics and Mathematics. It draws on the exceptional potential of the Université Paris-Saclay in these two disciplines, both in terms of higher education and research. The program is aimed at students who are particularly motivated to invest in a demanding and rigorous training program that will provide them with the tools and methods to develop their capacity for scientific reasoning.

The program awards two diplomas in three years, in Economics and Mathematics, offering access to Master’s degrees in the two disciplines, or at the interface between the two disciplines.

The 1st year (LDD1) and 2nd year (LDD2) provide students with a common base in Economics and Mathematics. In the 3rd year (LDD3), students pursue the acquisition of skills in these two disciplines, and they intertwine them through a bi-disciplinary research project. Students can follow an elective course in Economics at ENSAE and reap benefits from a different academic environment, or they can opt for an elective course in Mathematics for a more advanced specialization in this discipline (1st year of a Magister’s degree).

Strengths of the program:

  • Training through research in the context of specific LDD courses
  • A small cohort of students with personalized supervision
  • Dual skills and a wide choice of career paths

Entry requirement & admission process

Admission is selective and enrollment is limited to 30 students. To enter the 1st year (LDD1), students should hold a general baccalaureate with a major in “Mathematics”, and have excellent transcripts in this major with a recommended background in social sciences. To be directly enrolled in the 2nd year (LDD2), students must have completed a 1st year undergraduate curriculum with an outstanding level in Mathematics, ideally with a complementary background in Economics or Quantitative social sciences. Direct admission in the 3rd year (LDD3) remains exceptional, given the program’s strong prerequisites in Mathematics and Economics.

  • Admission in LDD1: Parcoursup & selection afterwards
  • Admission in LDD2 and LDD3: eCandidat platform

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