Economics Lunch Seminar

Date Intervenant Titre de l’intervention Lieu
19/09/2016 Colin Davis (Doshisha U.) Innovation and Manufacturing Offshoring and Fully Endogenous Productivity Growth Room B305
26/09/2016 Grazia Cecerre (Upsud) Giving up your privacy for free: Are you comfortable with it? Room B305
03/10/2016 Eve Sihra (Sc. Po) The Cost of Relative Deprivation: Social Subsistence and Malnutrition in India Room B305
10/10/2016 Laura Lebastard (Upsud) Disentangle the Effects on Trade: Currency Union, Peg One-to-one and Simple Fixed Exchange Rate Room B305
07/11/2016 José De Sousa (Upsud) Trickle-Down Affirmative Action Room B305
14/11/2016 Simon Galle (Berkeley/NBS Oslo) Slicing the Pie: Quantifying the Aggregate and Distributional Effects of Trade Room B305
21/11/2016 RUES Rent gradients, housing vacancies and public regulation Room B305
28/11/2016 Frédéric Mahé (Upsud) Crowdfunding and recommendation systems: a field experiment Room B305
09/01/2017 Isabelle Rabaud (Université d’Orléans) Divergence of institutions and bilateral trade in services: a sectoral approach Room 109
16/01/2017 Felipe Starosta de Waldemar (Upsud) Donor national interests or recipient needs? Evidence from EU multinational tender procedures on foreign aid Room 102
23/01/2017 Sara Biancini (CREM, Université de Caen Normandie) Intellectual Property Rights, MNFs and Technology Transfers Room 411
30/01/2017 Andreea Cosnita-Langlais (EconomiX – UMR CNRS 7235 Université Paris Nanterre) Horizontal mergers on platform markets: cost savings vs two-sided network effects? Room 411
06/02/2017 Grazia Cecere (Upsud) Smokers’ littering behaviors: Field experiment Room 113
20/02/2017 Margherita Comola (Université Paris 1 et Paris School of Economics) An Experimental Study on Decentralized Networked Markets with Unobserved Preferences Room 411
27/02/2017 Laura Hering (Erasmus School of Economics, Rotterdam) How effective are VAT export taxes? Evidence from China Room 401
06/03/2017 Nathalie Ferrière (PSE, EHESS, Upsud) Managing the Impact of Climate Change on Migration: Evidence from Mexico” (with Maëlys de la Rupelle) Room 401
13/03/2017 Isabelle Chort (Université Paris Dauphine) Managing the Impact of Climate Change on Migration: Evidence from Mexico” (with Maëlys de la Rupelle) Room 401
20/03/2017 Lisa Chauvet (LEDa, PSL, UMR DIAL, Université Paris-Dauphine) Aid and growth. Evidence using firm-level data Room 401
20/04/2017 Alfonso Irarrazabal (Norwegian Business School) “R&D heterogeneity and its implications for growth” (with Sigurd Mølster Galaasen) Room 401

Management Lunch Seminar

Date Intervenant Titre de l’intervention Lieu
06/10/2016 Jean-Philippe Denis (U-Psud) Faire de la recherche au XXIème siècle : projet, objet, méthodes – Quels enseignements du cas de l’affaire Société Générale contre Jérôme Kerviel ? Salle Imbert
03/11/2016 Philippe Gillet (U-Psud) Are Ethical Funds More Resistant to Crisis than Conventional Funds? Salle Imbert
01/12/2016 Jessica Fouilloux Thomasset (U-Psud) Who invest in CSR? The Role of Corporate Governance Salle Imbert
05/01/2017 Anne Janand (U-Psud) La mobilité interne : Un kaléidoscope de la carrière Salle Imbert
02/02/2017 Nathalie Guichard (U-Psud) Expériences touristiques haut de gamme : quelle évaluation par le consommateur ? Salle Imbert
02/03/2017 Lydiane Nabec (U-Psud) Améliorer les comportements alimentaires avec l’étiquetage nutritionnel : nouvelles perspectives pour la Transformative Consumer Research Salle Imbert
04/05/2017 Emmanuelle Dubocage (U-Psud) Venture capital, corporate governance and equity crowdfunding Salle Imbert
01/06/2017 Joyce Mariella Cavalcanti Intangibles and financial analysts’ behavior – the case of Brazilian listed firms Salle Imbert

Digital Economics Seminar

Date Intervenant Titre de l’intervention Lieu
27/10/2016 Marie Ballarini (IRCAV, Univ. Paris 3) Musée et financement participatif: nouvelles opportunités Salle Imbert
10/11/2016 Gabrielle Demange (PSE, EHESS) et Francis Bloch (Univ. Paris 1) Taxation and privacy protection on Internet platforms Salle Gaudemet
24/11/2016 Olena Havrylchyk (LEM, Univ. Lille) What Drives the Expansion of the Peer-to-Peer Lending? Salle B201
08/12/2016 Valentine Millot (OECD) and Georg von Graevenitz (School of Business and Management, University of London) Does Online Search Predict Sales? Evidence from Big Data for Cars Markets in Germany and the UK TelecomParisTech
19/01/2017 Amel Attour (GREDEG, Univ. Nice-Sophia-Antipolis) The behavioural intentions of individuals toward mobility solutions: a new privacy paradox? Salle Gaudemet
09/02/2017 Matteo Galizzi (London School of Economics) What is really behavioral in behavioral health policy? And does it work? Salle Gaudemet
09/02/2017 Antoine Dubus (TelecomParis Tech) Internet of things in health insurance Salle Gaudemet
02/03/2017 Mirco Tonin (Univ. of Bolzen-Bolzano) Racial Discrimination in Local Public Services: A Field Experiment in the US TelecomParisTech, B310
14/03/2017 Pay-Ling Yin (Institute for Economic Policy Research, Stanford University) The economics of mobile applications TelecomParisTech
14/03/2017 Vincent Lefrere (TelecomParisTech, Univ. Paris-Sud) TelecomParisTech
06/04/2017 Alisa Frik (Univ. Di Trento) The Relation between privacy protection and risk attitudes, with a new experimental method to elicit the implicit monetary value of privacy
06/04/2017 Julien Penin (BETA, Univ. Strasbourg) The impact of Research and Technology Organizations on firms’ innovation: A comparison with universities
27/04/2017 Jérôme Pouyet (PSE) Vertical mergers in platform markets
03/05/2017 Justus Baron (Northwestern University)
11/05/2017 Paola Tubaro (LRI, Univ. Paris-Sud/Paris-Saclay) Social networks and norms in the collaborative economy
08/06/2017 Romain De Nijs (Ecole Polytechnique)
22/06/2017 Marianne Lumeau (GRANEM, Univ. Angers)