Economics Lunch Seminar

Date Intervenant Titre de l’intervention
01/10/2018 Ariell Reshef (PSE) Legislation, Deregulation and Litigation: The 1970-1990 Demand Shift for U.S. Legal Services in Historical Perspective
15/10/2018 Roland Rathelot (U. Warwick) On the Road Again? Gender differentials in reservation utility, wage and commuting distance (co-writting with Thomas Le Barbanchon and Alexandra Roulet)
05/11/2018 Laurent Gobillon (PSE) Delineating urban areas using building density (co-writting with Marie-Pierre de Bellefon, Pierre-Philippe Combes, et Gilles Duranton)
12/11/2018 François Fontaine (U. Paris 1) Quasi-experimental Evidence on Take-up and the Value of Unemployment Insurance (co-writting with Andreas Kettemann)
19/11/2018 Isabelle Méjean (X CREST) Relationship Stickiness: Measurement and Applications to International Economics co-writting with J. Martin and M. Parenti
14/01/2019 Xavier d’Haultfoeuille (CREST) Two-way fixed effects estimators with heterogeneous treatment effects (co-writting with Clément de Chaisemartin)
14/01/2019 Mariona Segú (Univ. Paris Sud) Do short-term rent platforms affect housing markets? Evidence from Airbnb in Barcelona
21/01/2019 Marin Ferry (DIAL) Did Debt Relief Initiatives help to reach the MDGs? A Focus on Education
28/01/2019 Dan Liu (Shanghai U. of Finance and Economics) Highways and Firms’ Exports: Evidence from China (co-writting with Liugang Sheng and Miaojie Yu).
04/02/2019 Fabien Tripier (U. d’Evry) Cross-border investments and uncertainty: Firm-level evidence (co-writting with Rafael Cezar and Timothée Gigout )
11/02/2019 Nagore Iriberri (University of the Basque Country) Are referees and editors un Economics gender neutral?
18/02/2019 Julien Jacqmin (HEC Liège) The signalling effect of self-regulatory standards in the higher education sector: The case of French business schools
13/05/2019 Mario Larch (Bayreuth U.) Roman Transport Network Connectivity and Economic Integration
27/05/2019 Roxana Fernandez (CREST) Spillover effects of entry and city development

Management Lunch Seminar

Date Intervenant Titre de l’intervention
11/10/2018 Yasuhi Hara (Chaire Michelin , EHESS & Hitostsubashi University) How Star scientist make high performance ? : Empirical study for destructive innovation in pharmaceutical industry
08/11/2018 Lydiane NABEC (RITM, UPSUD) Légitimité des associations de consommateurs et vulnérabilité perçue de leurs publics : quels effets sur l’intention de confiance envers les acteurs consuméristes ? (Avec LICHTLE M.C., ROUX D. et C. CHEVALIER)
06/12/2018 Ahmed Bounfour, Rokhaya Dieye, Niaz Kammoun, Altay Ozaygen (RITM, UPSUD) The intangible impact of cyberttacks on firms and ecosystems, The interim results of the H2020 Hermeneut project
10/01/2019 Laura Kreiling (RITM, UPSUD) A Cluster analysis of European Technoloy Transfer Offices
07/02/2019 Damien Mourey (ENS Paris-Saclay) Coopération et coordination des Supply chain
04/04/2019 Keung Oui KIM (Upsud – Post-doc Researcher) Technology convergence capability and firm innovation in the manufacturing sector
06/06/2019 Bertrand Sergot Mobilités spatiales et organisation : proposition d’un agenda de recherche (avec Elodie Loubaresse et Denis Chabault)

Finance Lunch Seminar

Date Intervenant Titre de l’intervention
11/10/2018 Nada Mselmi Financial distress prediction: The case of French Small and medium-sized firms
15/11/2018 Imène Jedidi Understanding the French Endorsement of Isas-Exploring : Reasons and Arguments
17/01/2019 Philippe Gillet Start-up Firms Pricing Using a Binomial Merton Approach
15/02/2019 Henri Zimnovitch (CNAM) Finance, éthique et communs
14/03/2019 Giang Nguyen The impact of SRI on Mutual Funds Performance : an Exploratory Study
11/04/2019 Fredj Jawadi (Univ. Lille – EconomiX) Prévision de volatilité des prix des actifs énergétiques
17/05/2019 Dominique Guegan (Université Paris 1) Risk and Blockchain