Clara Jean, PhD student at RITM laboratory and Epitech – school of innovation and computer expertise-, is going to present her paper co-authored with Grazia Cecere, Matthieu Manant and Catherine Tucker, “Computer algorithms prefer headless women” at the 2018 MIT CODE conference hold in Boston on October 26-27, 2018. Abstract of the article is attached below:
“Teens use online social networks to find information, including information related to their education and career choices. Ad campaigns are an example of information distribution that are managed by algorithms on social media platforms. We ran a randomized online ad campaign based on a popular social media platform on behalf of a French computer science school. We adopted a 2 X 2 design with four treatments to test how the algorithm reacted to “female” content. Our results show that the male picture was shown more to teens, the female headless content is preferred by the algorithm whilst female head content is the picture displayed less to all.”