The RITM faculty

The RITM Faculty brings together about 55 Permanent Professors in Economics and Management from three components of the Université Paris-Saclay: Faculty of Law-Economics-Management, IUT of Sceaux, and Faculty of Sciences.

The RITM Faculty members are experts in a wide range of fields, with a constant focus on the major economic challenges facing the world today: networks and digital markets, new trends in international trade and migrations, innovation, management of organizations and firms, evolution of healthcare systems, gender discrimination, regional and urban inequalities, or climate and sustainable development issues.

Both the research and training offered by the RITM Faculty contribute to the understanding, for students and society as a whole, of crucial contemporary issues.

The RITM also hosts several Affiliated Professors, Post-doctoral Researchers, and Visiting Scholars from other national or international universities or organizations who share strong ongoing research links with the RITM Faculty members. They visit the RITM regularly and contribute to developing fruitful research collaborations and teaching and further expanding the scope of expertise and knowledge that we can bring to our community of students and researchers.