CTC2016Valérie Nicolas-Hémar attended the 7th International Child and Teen Consumption Conference in Aalborg (Denmark), on 27th- 29th April 2016.
She presented the two following papers, written in collaboration with Pascale Ezan:
-When eating makes children happy: the concept of children’s food happiness
While numerous studies on children’s food consumption have mainly explored how children make food decisions by dichotomizing healthy versus unhealthy food, this article aims to better understand what makes children happy when eating, and to explore the concept of children’s food happiness. It supports the idea that children’s food happiness is multifaceted and cannot be limited to nutrition.
The digitalisation of the toy market: Parents’ perspective of the anthropomorphic connected toys
Based on a qualitative study, conducted with parents, this paper aims to explore how parents perceive the anthropomorphic connected toys and are prone to accept (or reject) this disruptive innovation. It shows that parents have difficulties in envisioning this innovation, and that the robot connected toys generate confusions and conflictual motivations. Parents do not understand to what extent they may bring about innovative changes in their children’s plays, while these connected toys question their own vision of childhood.