Voici un appel à contribution sur la thématique du “cloud”, relayé par Ahmed Bounfour pour la revue Systèmes d’Information et Management :
Cloud Business Modelling, Decision Making and Organisational Design
revue_SIM-201x300 Aims of the special issue
The aim of this special issue is to bring together original research papers focusing on different  facets of cloud computing: technical, managerial and economics.
The special issue is expected to contribute to the state of the art on cloud computing, taking a special angle: the business and organisational design (and underlying technical issues). The issue will build on
a special workshop to be held in November 2014, on cloud business organisational design (and underlying technical issues). The special issue is however open to contributions for those of the prospective authors interested but not able to make this event.
Key dates

  • 30 November 2014: Submitting proposals
  • 31 January 2015: Response by the Editors
  • 28 February 2015: Final version due
  • The special issue is due for publication on June 2015

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