The next Economics Seminar of Paris-Saclay will take place on Thursday, March 23 from 12h15 to 13h15. Arthur Silve (Université de Laval) will present “ Building reputation: Proxy wars and transnational identities” (co-writting with Marion Mercier, Benjamin Tremblay-Auger).

With a global security framework that mitigates interstate conflicts, nation-states establish a reputation of resolve by supporting foreign rebellions. Our theoretical predictions suggest that states with more targets are more likely to support foreign uprisings, and such groups experience higher political inclusion. Employing a dataset of over 280,000 ethnic group × sponsor state × target state × year observations, our analysis supports reputation-building using co-ethnicity narratives as a determinant of sponsor state activism and reveals that this mechanism results in political concessions within target states, benefiting groups connected to reputed potential sponsors.