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La prochaine séance du séminaire du RITM aura lieu jeudi 12 février 2015 de 14h00 à 15h30 en salle Gaudemet.
Nous aurons le plaisir de recevoir Catherine Thomas (U. Nice). Elle nous présentera “Understanding the dynamics of knowledge integration for innovation within clusters: the role of architectural knowledge.” (avec R. Dang)
This paper examines the mechanisms underlying territorial innovation dynamics, focusing specifically on the collaborative localised innovation projects they generate. Most research on regional clusters focus on how clusters facilitate diffusion and exchange of knowledge. This paper rather focuses on how clusters facilitate the combination of knowledge among heterogeneous actors, which appears to be a critical point to foster successful local innovation collaborations.
We apply a qualitative methodology (grounded theory) based on a case study research design to two high-tech clusters: one in the microelectronics sector and the other operating in the information and communication technology sector. The main revelation of our study is the discovery of architectural knowledge at the cluster level as an important underlying mechanism affecting the territorial innovation dynamics, the type of collaborative innovation projects fostered and the capacity of firms to get involved in these projects. We present a grounded emergent model explaining the mechanisms enhancing successful integration of clusters’ members into collaborative localised innovation projects. This study has implications on how scholars conceptualize innovation dynamics of clusters and how they understand firms’ capacity to successfully integrate collaborative localised innovation projects.
Le programme du séminaire du RITM pour l’année 2014-2015 est disponible ici.