Servane Le Clinche recently published his article « Consumers’ attachment in the sporting equestrian context: a cluster analytic approach » in Managing Sport and Leisure. This article is co-authored with Guillaume Martinent and Nicolas Chanavat. This article can be downloaded here .
Abstract : The purposes of this study were to develop the Point of Attachment Index in Equestrian Events (PAIEE); identify naturally occurring profiles of spectators based on PAIEE scores; and examine whether spectator profiles differed on socioeconomic characteristics. A preliminary PAIEE version was developed based on semi-structured interviews with spectators (N = 42), suggestions from an expert panel and spectators’ rating of the scale clarity (study 1). Results of the structural analyses revealed that a confirmatory factor analysis model with three dimensions (equestrian sport identification, organizational identification and rider identification) fitted the calibration and validation data well (N = 232 and 231; study 2). Cluster analyses revealed four different profiles (horse lover, social opportunist, equestrian insider and enthusiast rider) that statistically differed on socioeconomic variables (study 2). The present studies provided support for the reliability and validity of the PAIEE scores and highlighted that attachment profiles have implications for equestrian sports marketers.