Jean-Noël Senne published his article “Deterioration of mental health and insufficient Covid-19 information among disadvantaged immigrants in the greater Paris area“, co-authored with the Makasi Research team, in the Journal of Psychomatic research, 2021, 146.

Abstract: The aim of this study is to provide information on changes in mental health among disadvantaged immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa in the Greater Paris area and their level of information about Covid-19. During the first lockdown, 100 immigrants were administered a COVID-19-related phone survey. We compared their type of housing, level of food insecurity, working conditions and mental health (PHQ9) before and during the lockdown, and described their level of information on Covid-19 and related policy measures. Among the 100 participants, 68% had no legal residence permit. Food insecurity was more often reported during lockdown than before (62% vs 52%). 9% of participants had a score indicative of severe depression (PHQ9) before lockdown and 17% afterwards. Only 51% knew about the possibility of asymptomatic transmission of the COVID-19 virus. This study brings original information on a hard-to-reach population group. Our results suggest that the lockdown had a particular detrimental impact on various economic and mental health aspects among disadvantaged migrants.