CREMSeverine Chedor attended to the weekly seminar of CREM (Centre de Recherche en Économie et Management) at University of Rennes on March 10. She presented the paper entitled : «The determinants of international trade of disembodied technology : a gravity approach», co-authored with Nathalie Avallone.
In the current context of increasing globalisation, innovation is crucial. Several facts confirm the growing international trade in technology. Indeed firms are not only developing innovations internationally, they are also exploiting their innovations on world markets by licensing their technologies or by selling their innovations to foreign purchasers or inside their networks (Gassler & Nones, 2008). This raises the question of how mobile knowledge is. In a different way, what are the factors that explain international trade in technology ? Are the determinants of international trade of technology different to the determinants of the traditional goods’ trade ? In this perspective, the objective of our paper is to study the determinants of international bilateral trade of technology by using a gravity approach. Our first econometrics results indicate that technological trade is specific and different to goods’ trade.