Niaz KAMMOUN, Postdoctoral Researcher at RITM, presented his paper “Impact of Patenting on American Companies’ Financial Valuation” at the Conference Digital, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Financing (DIF 2018), on June 11 & 12, 2018, Lyon.
As the knowledge society has developed over the last decades, the contribution of intellectual assets in the process of value creation became evident due to the rapid development and broad deployment of information technologies. However, the identification and evaluation of intangible assets remain the subject of current discussions and research debates among scholars as well as professional. Faced with this (accounting) deficiency that affects simultaneously the valuation of intangible assets and the valuation of holding companies, some scholars recommend the promotion of these assets. Relying on a comprehensive dataset including detailed information of 142.669 granted patents hold by US companies, we aim to highlight financial market sensitivity to events related to these intellectual assets through the adoption of events study methodology.