Valérie Nicolas-Hémar, en collaboration avec Pascale Ezan et Mathilde Gollety, a présenté ‘Eating makes me happy!’ How food consumption affects children’s happiness? à la 44è conférence de l’EMAC (European Marketing Academy) qui se tenait à Louvain (Belgique) du 26 au 29 mai 2015.
Abstract: While numerous studies on children’s food consumption have mainly explored how children make food decisions by dichotomizing healthy versus unhealthy food, this article aims to show how food consumption contributes to children’s happiness. Based on a multiple method-based qualitative study with children aged 6 to 11 years old, this research contributes to the literature on children’s food consumption and happiness. It suggests a model highlighting that children’s food happiness relies on three dimensions: healthy eating, sensory eating and social eating. The article suggests that beyond their nutritional messages, policymakers should emphasize that healthy eating can also be associated with happiness by generating sensory experiences, and enhancing social interactions.