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La prochaine séance du séminaire du RITM aura lieu jeudi 23 octobre 2014 de 14h à 15h30 en salle B105.
Jean-Noël Senne aura le plaisir de présenter “Intra-household Selection into Migration: Evidence from a Matched Sample of Migrants and Origin Households in Senegal“.
This paper fills the gap between individual selection models and household approaches to migration. We build a theoretical model to account for household-based migration decisions and derive its implications on migrant selection. Under the assumption that the origin household takes into account both expected earnings and future remittances when choosing where to allocate its members, migrant selection resulting from a household model may differ from self-selection predicted by an individual model. This paper thus investigates the so far under-explored issue of intra-household selection into migration in order to identify the key determinants of household members’ location choices. The estimation procedure is derived from an extension of the Roy-Dahl model and is applied to a unique multi-sited and matched sample of Senegalese migrants and their origin household. Our results show that expected remittances, along with earnings differentials, play a major role in shaping intra-household selection patterns.
Le programme du séminaire du RITM pour l’année 2014-2015 est disponible ici.