Congratulations to Aurélie Dudézert who published her paper “La technologie-totem: Les technologies de l’information créatrices d’identité métier chez les chercheurs en entreprise“, co-authored with Véronique Bossard-Préchoux and Amaury Grimand.
Abstract: Some communities of workers are faced with such changes in work practices that actors are questioned regarding their identity at work: this is the case for the profession of Industry Researcher, which has evolved considerably over the past years. As a unifying element of collective action, identity at work is nevertheless a means of organizing work in the workplace. In this context of professional change, this article investigates the role of Information Technologies (IT) in making researchers assert their identity at work. Through a case study carried out within a research center of a French telecommunications company, the article shows that the actors can mobilize the symbolic dimensions of IT to make them devices of identity affirmation. We explore the totem-object metaphor in order to better understand the social dynamics surrounding the appropriation of IT.
Revue Française de Gestion
Volume 43, Numéro 267, août-septembre 2017
Recherche en gestion : retrouver du sens
Page(s) 45 – 63