renewableCongratulations to Yannick Perez for his new publication, co-authored with Cherelle Eid, Paul Codani, Javier Reneses and Rudi Hakvoort, and intituled : “Managing electric flexibility from Distributed Energy Resources: A review of incentives for market design” in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review.
Abstract: In many electric systems worldwide the penetration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) at the distribution levels is increasing. This penetration brings in different challenges for electricity system management; however if the flexibility of those DER is well managed opportunities arise for coordina- tion. At high voltage levels under responsibility of the system operator, trading mechanisms like con- tracts for ancillary services and balancing markets provide opportunities for economic efficient supply of system flexibility services. In a situation with smart metering and real-time management of distribution networks, similar arrangements could be enabled for medium- and low-voltage levels. This paper pre- sents a review and classification of existing DER as flexibility providers and a breakdown of trading platforms for DER flexibility in electricity markets.