Yannick Perez a présenté le papier « Missing money for EVs: economics impacts of TSO market designs » à la Montpellier Energy Conference 2014 : Regulation and Energy Markets: Beyond Failures qui a eu lieu les 20 et 21 novembre 2014 à l’université de Montpellier 1.
Using electric vehicles (EV) as TSO reserve providing units has been demonstrated as being both a feasible and a profitable solution. However, the surveys leading to these conclusions are always conducted either without considering the TSO market rules, or using the local TSO existing ones. We find that TSO rules potentially have a great impact on the expected revenues, and are likely to change within the next few years. Thus, this paper aims at assessing the impacts of the implemented TSO rules on the ability for EVs to provide TSO reserves and on their expected remuneration by doing so. First, we draw a list of the most important TSO rules for this use case. Then, we develop a simulation model in order to evaluate the expected revenues for the EVs. Finally, we compute these expected revenues considering various combinations of TSO rules. By doing so, we identify a missing money issue for EVs due to the use of non-optimal rules towards ancillary services remuneration. Considering the French case, according to our simulation results, this missing money per EV and per year ranges from 193 to 593 euros.