Le Brésil attire les chercheurs de l’ADIS ! Silvio Tai est actuellement Assistant Professor à la Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. Yannick Perez présente un article le 20 mars à Rio de Janeiro à l’Agência Nacional do Petroleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustívei. Le même jour, l’ADIS organise une journée « portes ouvertes » pour les recrutements. C’est plus de près de chez nous !
Le résumé de l’article de Yannick Perez, présenté à Rio, “Gas and Electricity: which market design for two increasingly interacting markets? A theoretical approach” :
“The natural gas and the electricity industries present considerably complex interactions. One may distinguish two broad levels of economic relationships.
On the one hand, they are competing goods, as some consumers (industrial and heating) can choose between gas or electricity consumption. This choice, for most consumers, is a long term choice, as the investment in machines and heating depends on the fuel of choice. However, there are also consumers able to choose bi-fuel technologies, and hence allowing them to choose in the short- term between gas and electricity.
On the other hand, natural gas is also a fuel to electricity generation. In this case, gas becomes the input and electricity the output. This input/output interaction between power and gas sectors, introduced by increasing presence of gas-fired power plants in most generation portfolios, has significantly grown in the last 20 years.
The impact on regulation of the two kind of gas and electricity integration (as competitor and as input) will be presented. the presentation will stresse the challenges and the importance to coordinate gas and electricity regulations and how to make it”.