Mélia Djabi  attended the AOM conference and presented her paper “Organizational socialization tactics: insights from a cross-national perspective”, co-authored with Kerstin Kuyken (UQAM) and Sakura Shimada (Lirsa, Cnam).
Abstract: This paper aims to identify the influence of the national context on organisational tactics and practices that are favored by organizations in order to socialize new recruits. A comparison of Canadian, German and Japanese institutional contexts brings to light national contingency factors that determine the choice of mobilized practices and tactics. Research results allow to refine the list of previously identified SO practices and tactics in socialization literature which demonstrate the ethnocentricity of Van Maanen and Schein’s (1979) taxonomy. Furthermore, they permit to formulate managerial implications for multinationals that wish to adapt their integration practices to different national contexts of their branches to improve the attraction and integration of new recruits.