Lors de la prochaine séance du séminaire de l’axe Territoires et Mondialisation, Pierre Deschamps (Science Po) présentera l’article suivant avec José de Sousa: “Labour Market Integration and Racial Discrimination”
Cette séance se déroulera le jeudi 15 mai, à 16 heures, en salle Gaudemet.
Abstract: In this paper, we explore the impact of an unexpected mobility shock on the evolution of racial discrimination. The Bosman ruling by the European Court of Justice in 1995 lifted restrictions on football player mobility. Comparing the pre- and post-Bosman ruling helps us to identify the causal effect of intensified mobility on racial discrimination in salary setting. We use a panel dataset made up of all clubs in the English first division from 1980 to 2008. Consistent with a taste-based explanation, we find evidence that increasing labour market competition decreases racial discrimination.
Le programme du séminaire pour l’année 2013-2014 est ici