– For this week’s Economics Lunch Seminar, Andreea Cosnita-Langlais (EconomiX – Université Paris Nanterre) will be presenting “Horizontal mergers on platform markets: cost savings vs two-sided network effects?” (with Edmond Baranes (LAMETA-CNRS & U.Montpellier) and Thomas Cortade (BETA-CNRS & U. Lorraine). The Economics Lunch Seminar will be on Monday, January 30, in room B411, 12-1pm.
Abstract:  We study horizontal mergers on two-sided markets between horizontally differentiated platforms. We provide a theoretical analysis of the merger’s price effect based on the amount of cost savings it generates, the behavior of outsider platforms, and the intensity of two-sided network effects. We point out differences as compared with the standard, one-sided merger analysis, and also discuss the merger control policy implications.
– For this week’s Management Lunch Seminar, Nathalie Guichard (UPsud) will be presenting “Expériences touristiques haut de gamme : quelle évaluation par le consommateur ?“. This Management Lunch Seminar will be on Thursday, February 2, in Room Imbert,12.30-1.30pm.