For this week’s Economics Lunch Seminar, Grazia Cecere will be presenting “Smokers’ littering behaviors: Field experiment” (avec Gionata Castaldi et Mariangela Zoli). The Economics Lunch Seminar will be on Monday, February 6, in room 113, 12-1pm.
The article aims to study the impact of nudging on smoking-related litter. We implement a small-scale field experiment in eight beach resorts in the North East coast of Italy, in order to study whether the introduction of mobile ashtrays and norm-based messages can be used as a nudge to reduce the number of cigarette butts littered in the sand. Our results show a significant impact of mobile ashtrays, which reduce the number of littered filters by about 9%. By complementing the use of nudge with a social message intended to activate a social norm does not significantly reinforce the reduction relative to the simple provision of ashtrays.