La prochaine séance du séminaire Hotelling, commun au CES-ENS Cachan et à l’ADIS, se déroulera le jeudi 6 juin de 16h à 17h30, à Cachan. Nous aurons le plaisir de recevoir Simon P. Anderson (University of Virginia and CEPR), qui présentera : “Competition for Advertisers and for Viewers in Media Markets” avec Ø. Foros et H. J. Kind.
Abstract :  Standard models of advertising-financed media assume consumers patronize a single media platform. Then there is no effective competition for advertisers. We introduce such competition by allowing consumers to multi-home. The principle of incremental pricing implies that multi-homing consumers are less valuable for platforms the smaller is the value of reaching consumers with an ad more than once. Competition for advertisers fundamentally changes media economic results and implies (i) the ad price per consumer decreases with the fraction of overlap (ii) ad-financed platforms may be harmed if a public broadcaster carries ads, and (iii) entry decreases both the price per ad and the price per ad per consumer. Extending the implications to equilibrium genre choice gives: (i) Steiner’s tendency to duplicate popular genres is reduced, ii) Beebe’s Lowest Common Denominator programming may create significant preference externalities; iii) platforms may poorly serve tastes of multi-homing consumers, and may locate too far apart if consumers value overlapping content a lot, and/or second impressions have low value.
Lieu du séminaire :
ENS Cachan – Salle Condorcet
Bâtiment d’Alembert (face entrée ENS) – 1er étage
61, avenue du président Wilson, Cachan
RER B Station Bagneux
Le programme du séminaire pour l’année 2012-2013 est ici et le plan d’accès pour vous rendre à l’ENS Cachan est .
Les organisateurs
Nathalie Etchart-Vincent
José de Sousa
Emmanuelle Taugourdeau