Valérie Nicolas-Hémar attended the 34th International Conference of the French Marketing Association at Strasbourg, on 16-18 may.
She presented the two following papers:
Towards the identification of companion robots’ acceptance factors within family. Co-written with Marie Schill and Pascale Ezan.
Abstract: The launch of companion robots in the French market is not without raising questions about their acceptance within French families with children. This communication investigates the determinants of acceptance from parents and children’s point of views. Basing on structural equation modelling, results show that perceived usefulness and perceived fun are the main determinants in accepting companion robots. Results are discussed and managerial implications proposed.
“Mummy, what are we eating tonight?” A use of Nutri-Score by mothers driven by paradoxical motives. Co-written with Nathalie Guichard.
Abstract: While the Nutri-Score, as nutrition labelling, has just been deployed in France, this research, rooted in the research stream of food well-being, aims to understand how this labelling may take part in mothers’ grocery food decisions. Through a qualitative methodology based on semi-directed interviews with 20 women, mostly from moderate-income households, it clarifies the influence of food literacy and its dimensions (knowledge, motivation, opportunities) on the Nutri-Score use by mothers. Specifically, it puts forwards that their intent to use the Nutri-Score relies on paradoxical motives, partly due to children’s influence. Its findings allow us to formulate recommendations towards public policy makers and companies to implement this new labelling.
This research is funded by La Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Saclay. Projet 2016 “Objets transversaux”, entitled “Etiquetage Nutritionnel et Bien-Etre Alimentaire des consommateurs Vulnérables » (ENBEAV), submitted by Lydiane Nabec et Stephan MARETTE (INRA).