LE Nguyen Minh Phuong attended the 9th International Research Meeting in Business and Management (The IRMBAM-2018) at Nice, on 5-7 Jul 2018.

He presented the following paper:

ASEAN Banking Integration: Measures and Determinants. Co-written with Philippe GILLET, Dao HA and Tri VO.

Abstract: This paper aims to measure the degree of cross-border banking as well as its determinants in ASEAN during the past decades. To conduct the empirical study, we use quarterly data on a panel of 6 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam for the period from 1997Q1 to 2015Q4. Then, we calculate the banking integration degree via two indicators: Banking Openness and Overall balanced degree. The obtained results reveal some findings as follows: (i) the banking integration degree of ASEAN countries had fluctuations, and remained at the well-balanced level in the research period; (ii) the domestic macroeconomic factors, local banking system conditions and global volatility are significant determinants of banking integration degree. The regulatory quality and the global market volatility have negative effects on banking openness in ASEAN.

Keywords: Banking integration, Cross border banking, ASEAN6