Ahmed Bounfour and Alberto Nonnis have recently published in International Journal of Intellectual Property Management (Vol. 12, No. 4) their article: « The impact of public sector intangibles and their components on private productivity ».

This paper studies public intangible capital effects on productivity. Using data from two recent data sources on private and public intangible capital (INTAN-Invest and SPINTAN), we build a panel of 19 countries observed for the period 2000-2012. Separating public capital both by type (R&D, software and databases, organisational capital) and by public sector of origin, we evaluate those that drive private productivity more, via fixed effects panel regressions. We find that positive spillover effects are generated by all public sectors’ intangible investments, except those coming from the health sector, that R&D investment is more important in the education sector, and that in the education sector private and public intangibles are more complementary than in the other public sectors.