Valérie Nicolas-Hémar presented the two following papers at the 33rd Congress of the French Marketing Association (AFM), Tours, May 16-19.
Leader and opinion leader in children’s groups: which relationships? Co-written with Pascale Ezan and Mathilde Gollety.
Abstract: This research aims to identify in what extent leaders in children’s groups are also opinion leaders in various consumption situations. In particular, it explores the notion of contingency associated with the identification of opinion leader. After a literature review on the notions of leadership and leader, we describe the methodology, which is based on sociometry and interviews with teachers. The results of this first exploratory study highlight that according to consumption situations, children identify leaders rather than opinion leaders. The results call for a clarification of the notion of opinion leader among children, developing the concept of perceived expertise specifically.
Towards an identification of the food well-being dimensions perceived by children in TV advertisements, co-written with Pascale Ezan.
Abstract: This research studies the way children perceive and decipher TV advertisements for food brands promoting well-being. Empirical studies based on focus groups and projective tests combining verbal and graphic language, show that they have an extended understanding of the well-being in the food context. Analyzed through the lens of positive psychology, the findings suggest levers to build social marketing actions shifting from nutritional balance to food well-being.