Xiaolin Cheng a soutenu sa thèse le lundi 20 novembre 2017, à 16h en salle Gaudemet. Sa thèse s’intitule Cloud Computing and Decision-Making: Determinants, Modelling and Impacts et a été réalisée sous la direction du professeur Ahmed Bounfour.
Abstract :
This dissertation addresses cloud computing adoption and decision-making issues. It analyzes adoption determinants, discusses cloud services, and compares cloud providers.
Cloud computing has both technical and organizational dimensions. Until recently the organizational dimension has received little attention, and cloud computing has essentially been considered from a technical perspective. However, the “cloudification” of information systems poses many economic and managerial questions. It is therefore important to enrich our understanding of phenomena related to the “virtualization” of information, through an examination of their characteristics.
This dissertation finds that perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, complexity and compatibility are key factors for cloud adoption, IT know-how also plays an important role in the decision process; Most small cloud providers have more stable and better computing performance than large cloud providers, the performance of CPU impact price significantly. This dissertation contributes a lot to the theoretical and managerial dimensions of cloud computing research, however, there exists more research work to do from the perspective of cloud adoption and cloud decision-making.