PhD admission

PhD in Economics and Management
Since 2015, all higher education institutions and research units of the Université Paris-Saclay (including the RITM) coordinate their recruitment effort of  contractual PhD students. Specifically, the selection process in economics and management is delegated to a purposely-appointed committee of the “Human and Social Sciences” Doctoral School (ED SHS). Then, our successful applicants, which have been pre-selected for the interviews, joined the RITM.
Entry requirements:

  • Academic ability: Applicants will be chosen according to the excellence of their academic records (“Licence”, Bachelor or equivalent qualification) in the relevant discipline: economics or Management/Marketing.
  • Applicants should demonstrate their strong interest in research in a written personal statement.
  • One letter of recommendation from renowned academics supporting the application (motivation and suitability for research) is required.

A first-time application to enroll in a doctoral program at the RITM includes all of the following components:

  • applicant personal details, academic background, experiences and achievements;
  • a defined doctoral project and the supervision conditions around it; the application includes an interview with the potential supervisor to evaluate the students’ academic abilities, research interests and motivation.
  • the positive opinion of the research unit director.

Enrollment through ADUM
Each year, thesis supervisors are invited to submit thesis subject proposals (generally between September and December) to the “Human and Social Sciences” Doctoral School, which then publish them online at the beginning of the calendar year for a period of two or three months. Applications are collected in spring and an initial jury meeting is held to select candidates for interviews, which generally take place in June by the purposely-appointed committee of the ED SHS. Results are submitted to candidates in  the end ofJune for theses to begin on 1st October.
Important note: the RITM only welcome PhD students with scholarships. These scholarships can take many forms to finance the preparation of a PhD thesis (duration three years).