Les résultats de recherche de la Chaire Européenne de l’Immatériel sur le système régional d’innovation de trois organismes universitaires français de transfert technologique ont été publiés dans le Journal of Business Research (FNEGE:2, HCERES:A).

University technology transfer organizations: Roles adopted in response to their regional innovation system stakeholders. (Laura Kreiling, Sarah Serval, Raphaël Peres, Ahmed Bounfour)

This paper investigates the organizational roles that University Technology Transfer Organizations (UTTOs) adopt in response to their Regional Innovation System (RIS) stakeholders. In a qualitative case study, we focus on ‘systemic’ intermediation and investigate three French UTTOs within their respective RIS. Utilizing a conceptual framework anchored in stakeholder theory, four RIS stakeholders who operate at an operational or institutional level are identified. This broadens the traditional focus on academic and industry as the main stakeholders. In the three cases, we find that in response to these RIS stakeholders, six organizational roles were concurrently adopted: University Defender, Boundary Spanner, Investor, Cultural Change Agent, Territorial Builder, and Accountability Officer. It is discussed how the multitude of roles creates organizational tensions and their managerial implications. These findings improve the understanding on the influence of RIS on UTTOs and their organizational roles as part of a systemic and active approach to the innovation process.

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