José De Sousa

José De Sousa


Professor of Economics

Faculté Jean Monnet
54, Boulevard Desgranges
92330 SCEAUX

Office: A103

José De Sousa's personal website

I am a trade economist with special interests in behavioral economics.
The following questions provide an overview of topics I am interested in and currently conducting research on (check my google’s Work in Progress page!):
– Are exporters being too risk averse?
– Are consumer tastes affected by trade globalization?
– Is trustfulness a determinant of comparative advantage?

Fields of Research

International economics and trade
Behavioral economics (gender, discrimination)

University and Community Service


  • 2011-… : Trade and European EcoÉconomie internationale et européenne (L2 Droit)
  • 2015-…  : Issues in Globalization (Master in Economics)
  • 2017-… : Firms and Markets (L2)
  • 2011-2017: Trade (L2)

Research Dissemination

Research Grants

  • 2014-2015 : OSE Labex PSE: “Export Decision under Risk” with A.-C. Disdier and C. Gaigné.
  • 2012-2013  : AAP Attractivité Université Paris Sud, avec S. Chédor.
  • 2012 : Programme 5 du CEPREMAP: “Nouvelles dimensions de la mondialisation : piraterie maritime, commerce et développement”, avec T. Verdier.
  • 2010-2011 : ICRG Research Contract (LSE): “Trade and the Financial Crisis”, avec N. Berman, P. Martin et T. Mayer.
  • 2010-2011 : Projet AFD-Trésor: “Le coût de la non-méditerranée”, avec D. Mirza.
  • 2010 : Programme 5 du CEPREMAP: “Migration internationale, confiance et commerce”, avec T. Mayer, S. Tai et M. Thoenig.
  • 2007-2010 : Participation à l’ANR : “`Guerre, terrorisme et commerce international”, avec D. Mirza et T. Verdier.


Publications in English

    ⊳ Export Decision under Risk (with Anne-Celia Disdier and Carl Gaigné), European Economic Review, 121, 2020.

    • The line: The most productive exporters are more affected by a higher industry-wide expenditure volatility than the least productive exporters..

    ⊳ Terror networks and trade: Does the neighbor hurt? (with Daniel Mirza and Thierry Verdier), European Economic Review, 107, August, 27-56, 2018.

    • The line: network-related terrorism redistributes trade flows across countries, including those countries that are not a direct source of terror.

   ⊳ On the value of partial commitment for cooperative investment in buyer-supplier relationship (with Xavier Fairise), Journal of Economics, 111(2), 151-171, 2014. BibTeX

    • The line: a renegotiable contract may induce more cooperation than an informal arrangement can.
    • Supplemental material: Proof of proposition (footnote 6).

    ⊳ Time to ship during financial crises (with Nicolas Berman, Philippe Martin and Thierry Mayer), NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2012, 225-260, 2013. BibTeX

    • The line: the negative impact of financial crises on trade is magnified for destinations with longer time-to-ship
    • NBER working paper 18274, CEPR Discussion Paper 9089 and Vox CEPR column.
    • Comments: Helène Rey (p. 261 – 263); Cédric Tille (p. 264 – 267).

    ⊳ Market access in global and regional trade (with Thierry Mayer and Soledad Zignago), Regional Science and Urban Economics, 42(6), 1037-1052, 2012. BibTeX

    • The line: measuring market access over a large set of industries and developing and developed countries.
    • MPRA working paper 35602. CEPR Discussion Paper 9085 and Vox CEPR column. Trade and Production Data at the 3-digit ISIC level (1980-2006)

    ⊳ “The currency union effect on trade is decreasing over time”, Economics Letters, 117(3), 917-920, 2012. BibTeX

    • The line: the currency union impact on trade is decreasing over time.
    • The latest and short version. The longer one with detailed results: MPRA working paper 35448. 
    • Data on Regional Trade Agreements (1958-2014) and Currency Unions (1948-2009)

    ⊳ “Trade and colonial status” (with Julie Lochard), Journal of African Economies, 21(3), 409-439, 2012. BibTeX

    ⊳ “Does the single currency affect foreign direct investment?” (with Julie Lochard), Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 113(3), 553-578, 2011. PDF

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    ⊳ “The impact of foreign capital on local supply companies. The case of Hungary” (with Xavier Richet), Economic Systems, 2000, 24(4), 324-329.


Publications in French

    ⊳ Séparation politique et désintégration commerciale” (with Olivier Lamotte), Revue économique, 60(4), 891-903, 2009. BibTeX

    ⊳ Histoire coloniale et commerce international” (with Julie Lochard), Revue économique, 60(3), 635-645, 2009. BibTeX

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    ⊳ “Investissements directs étrangers et intégration : quels enseignements pour les PECO ?” (with Julie Lochard), Économie et Prévisions, 163, 87-100, 2004.