Mounira Nakaa

Mounira Nakaa


Faculté Jean Monnet
54, Boulevard Desgranges
92330 SCEAUX

Office: D103

PhD subject: “Trade and Global Value Chains”
Thesis Supervisor: José de Sousa

Master “International economic relations” at Sciences Po Paris

Fields of Research

Trade, Global Value Chain, Firms’ organization , Outsourcing, Aeronautic Sector.


Université Paris-Sud, Paris-Saclay, Economics and Management Department, France

  • First-year (Undergraduate), Contemporary Problems in Economics, with Miren Lafourcade, 2014-2017.
  • First-year (Undergraduate), Microeconomics, with Matthieu Manant, 2016-2017.

Research Grants

  • Three year doctoral contract funded by Paris Sud University (2013-2016)


Work in progress:

  • “Institutions, Comparatives advantages and Global Value Chains”


What are the main determinants of comparative advantages in a context of fragmentation ? The purpose of this paper is to identify in which sectors, countries have an advantage to participate in the global value chain. The study of institutions as a determinant of comparative advantages in terms of gross trade have received a great attention but does the same mechanisms hold with the increase of fragmentation and the emergence of global value chains? In a Global Value Chain, the role of
institutions can be amplified due to the interdependency between the different steps of the process of production. Using Nunn (2007)’s model of institutions and data of trade in value added of Koopman, Wang, and Wei (2014), I show that institutions, measured as contract enforcement, are an important determinant of fragmentation and that their role is more important than for gross exports.

  • “Organisation and performance of firms in the aeronautic sector in France”


This paper provides empirical evidence of the impact of outsourcing on plant level performance in the aeronautic sector. I use French plant level data of the aeronautic sector from 2006 to 2013. Specifically I distinguish different kinds of outsourcing; international versus domestic or the use of the two. The performance of the firms are defined in term of labor productivity. My results show that,in average, compared to non offshoring firms, firms that outsource their activities exhibit roughly a 10% higher productivity level .

  • ” Aeronautic sector and the global crisis: who gets it in the neck?”


This paper describes the impact of the 2007-2008 financial crisis on plants on the aeronautic sector in France. The main result is that generic outsourcers, producing standardized goods, were less affected by the crisis than contractual outsourcers, producing customized goods. Digitization and exporting activities explain part of the resilience of generic outsourcers to the crisis impact.