Risienne Mazengani

Risienne Mazengani


Faculté Jean Monnet
54, Boulevard Desgranges
92330 SCEAUX

I am a Ph.D. student in Economics at RITM (University of Paris-Saclay) and an R&D engineer at Orange Labs. I obtained a master’s degree in Economics at Pantheon-Assas University, with a specialization in network industries, competition, and regulation. My career was oriented towards the study of the transportation market: I worked as a research analyst at the French Transport Authority and the RATP group.
I am particularly interested in the new issues on sustainable mobility, impacted by innovations, development of technologies and new digital services. I joined the RITM, in collaboration with Orange Labs, to work on these topics with Nicolas Soulié and Fabrice Le Guel. My studies are focused on traveler’s well-being, smartphone use, field experiment by collecting smartphone data on traveler’s mobility.

Fields of Research

Transportation Economics, Digital Economics, Consumer’s behavior, Field Experiment

University and Community Service

PhD student at University of Paris-Saclay, researcher at Orange Labs

Reviewer for the Revue d’Economie Industrielle


Management Economics (IMT-BS, 24h)

Research Dissemination

Conferences and seminars :

2019 :

  • PhD student workshop organized by the French Digital Economics Association (AFREN).
  • SENSE Seminar organized by Orange Labs
  • RITM Seminar

2020 :

  • Marsouin Seminar 2020
  • Paris Young Economists Seminar on the Economics of Digitization

Research Grants

SUMO (Orange Labs, 2019-2021): Impact of smartphone use during mobility on time’s perception and well-being in transport


Josset J-M., Mazengani R., Rallet A. and Soulié N., « Usage du smartphone et bien-être dans les transports », work in progress. 

Josset J-M., Mazengani R., Soulié N., « Use of mobile data and interpretation of daily mobility », work in progress.