Shengxing Yang, Mondher Feki, Caroline Riché and Nathalie Guichard attended AIM 2022, at Carry-le-Rouet, on 6-8 June.

Shengxing YANG presented his paper “A systematic literature review on the disruptions of artificial intelligence within the business world: in terms of the evolution of competences”.
The advancement of artificial intelligence has brought both opportunities and challenges to the business world, and its potentially disruptive impact has attracted the research interest of management scholars. This exploratory research applied a systematic literature review approach to explore the nexus between AI and competences to help both firms and individuals better address the disruptions from AI. After reviewing relevant publications from the Business Source Complete database for the past decade (2011-2021), we selected 65 articles published in leading international journals for analysis. We summarized researchers’ debates and issues on AI and perspectives linked with competences. Furthermore, we synthesize two frameworks (RBV framework for firm-level; Key and STEM competences for individual-level) and an overview to gain a holistic understanding of the nexus between AI and competences. We found relatively little empirical evidence in the literature, the implementation of AI was still in its preliminary stages, and the frameworks we aggregated were “contextual sensitive”. We suggest that future research could be conducted in a specific industry and yield richer insights.

Mondher Feki presented his paper “Etude exploratoire de l’usage de la blockchain dans la chaîne logistique de la grande distribution” (writting with A. Dudézert and O. Chourabi).

Nathalie Guichard and Caroline Riché presented their paper “Parcours client digital dans le secteur bancaire à l’ère du Covid-19 : vers une expérience client revisitée” (writting with L. Esnault ant A. Clauzel).