The ‘DATAIA-Cluster’ project – €20M – has been selected among the nine winners of the “AI-clusters” call for expressions of interest!

The DATAIA-Cluster brings together 14 higher education establishments, research organizations, an external continuing education company, the Fondation de Mathématiques Jacques Hadamard (FMJH), and the Institut Gustave Roussy. The RITM is a stakeholder in the cluster.

The DATAIA-Cluster, selected as part of the France 2030 plan, aims to achieve four objectives: 1. to make France a world leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) by establishing an internationally recognized interdisciplinary cluster that tackles economic and societal challenges, including ethics, ecology, and sovereignty; 2. to foster the transformation of society through AI by significantly increasing the number of students trained in AI; 3. to establish an effective continuum between research, innovation and training; 4. and to ensure the adaptability of DATAIA-Cluster to the rapid developments and impacts of AI.

DATAIA web page: [Link]