Ahmed Bounfour a été coordinateur d’un numéro spécial de Journal of Intellectual Capital, Vol 21, n°5 , Special Issue: Intellectual Capital, Firms’ Innovation Growth and Emerging Value Spaces.

The editors (Ahmed Bounfour, University Paris-Saclay, Hannu Piekkola, University of Vaasa, and Carter Bloch, University of Aarhus) of this special issue are members in EU Horizon 2020 project Globalinto (2019–2022) which seeks to measure and analyze new intangibles for European growth. At the industry-level, the project relies primarily on newly established global value chain WIOD data. At the firm level, the measurement of intangibles is based on innovation work related to management, marketing, R&D and information and communication technology (ICT) work. GLOBALINTO builds on earlier work in the EU 7th framework projects Innodrive and Coinvest, which developed new ways to measure intangibles in a broad sense.