Ahmed Bounfour

Ahmed Bounfour


Professor , Coordinator of the Networks and Innovation Group, Holder of the European Chair on Intangibles, Invited Researcher, OECD

RITM Faculté Jean Monnet, 54 Boulevard Desgranges 92330 Sceaux, France

Office: A 108

Phone: 01 40 91 17 33

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Thèmes de recherche
• Capital immatériel et Management des connaissances
• Innovation, business models et plateformes
• Systèmes d’information et performance
Responsabilités académiques
• Directeur de l’axe : Réseaux, Innovation, RITM
• Titulaire de la chaire européenne de management de l’immatériel de l’Université Paris-Sud : www.chairedelimmateriel.u-psud.fr
• Coresponsable du pôle Business Models de l’ISN – Institut de la société numérique, Université Paris-Saclay
• Directeur scientifique de la Conférence mondiale sur le capital immatériel des communautés- Intellectual capital for communities, Nations, Regions, Cities and Emerging Communities, Banque Mondiale : World Bank Institute, depuis 2005, et avec l’UNESCO/programme IFAP depuis 2016
• Coordinateur du comité scientifique et rapporteur général du programme international de recherche ISD , Fondation Cigref
• Editeur de : SpringerBriefs in Digital Spaces, et Espaces Numériques, Springer.
• Evaluateur, Membre du Comité scientifique, et rédacteur en chef invité : Systèmes d’Information et Management
• Evaluateur, Membre du Comité scientifique, et rédacteur en chef invité: Journal of Intellectual Capital
• Evaluateur et Membre du Comité éditorial de Journal of Intelligent Enterprise
• Evaluateur et membre du Comité Editorial de Intellectual Capital (Espagne)
• Membre du Comité de lecture de la Revue Française de Gestion
• Evaluateur et rédacteur en chef invité : R&D Management
• Evaluateur pour Journal of Knowledge Management
• Evaluateur pour International Journal of Technology Management
• Evaluateur pour Management Decision & California Management Review
• Président du New Club of Paris:www.new-club-of-paris.org

Fields of Research

In the field of intangibles, including digital assets, Pr Ahmed Bounfour conducts researches, as a part of a large reflection on competitiveness, value creation and future socioeconomic systems development. He has published several papers and edited several special issues on intangibles measuring and valorisation   (Journal of Intellectual capital, R&D Management, SIM). 

University and Community Service

Professor, Titular of the European Chair on Intellectual Capital, Université Paris-Saclay, Visiting researcher on Innovation & Digital platforms, OECD, Director of the Master degree on Managing Intellectual capital , Université Paris-Saclay : https://www.universite-paris-saclay.fr/fr/education/master/m2-management-du-capital-immateriel-ci#presentation-m2

Among his recent/ on-going activities and projects:

§  as visiting researcher to OECD, developing a framework for the analysis of digital platforms strategies and their implications for innovation policy;

§  leading a major European research project Hermeneut-(2 M Euros budget) (2017/2019), dealing with the measurement of the impact of cyberattacks on intangibles of firms and organisations;  

§  leading  an ANR project on cloud computing and organisational design – CBOD (2013-2018);

§  coordinating a research on intangibles of territories in Europe and the development of a related innovation index , in partnership with a large financial institution;

§  coordinating a research on modelling knowledge transfer from universities to the market, with the aim of developing a maturity model for TTO – Technology Transfer Offices;

§  coordinating a research on intangibles reporting in annual reports and social media, using a big data approach;

§  leading an important international research programme of the future of digital use in enterprises and societies, ISD- launched in 2009 by CIGREF and involving 50 large research institutions worldwide (www.fondation-cigref.org). The programme led to the emergence of the concept of Acceluction as the new paradigm for characterising the emerging modes of organisational design and value creation in digital spaces.

Editor of SpringerBriefs Series on Digital Spaces (Springer).

Member of the Special Committee overseeing the new development model of Morocco,  appointed by the King Mohammed VI

 President  of the New Club of Paris (www.new-club-of-paris.org), the network on intellectual capital entrepreneurs worldwide. In this position, he contributed to / or led several Round Tables for innovation strategies at national level for several governments and institutions: The Prime Minister of Finland (2007), The Parliament of Austria (2009),The ONA Foundation, in Morocco (2008),   The PLF Foundation in Malaysia (2010) among others. 


The Management of Intangibles, Informations systems management and organisational design, E-commerce, platforms  and business models

Research Dissemination

As chair professor at Paris-Sud University, Scientific Director of the World Conference on Intellectual capital initiated with the World Bank, Paris, since  2005, and now coorganised in partnership with UNESCO IFAP programme , in Paris  (since 2016). 

Co-Initiator of the Franco-German agenda on intangibles, via a joint partnership between Université Paris-Sud, European chair on intellectual capital and University of Heidelberg

Invited speaker in different conferences  and working groups dealing with intangibles and digital transformation : METI, Waseda university , WICI Japan and Knowledge Management Society Japan, National Academies (US), Naval Postgraduate School, CA, European Commission DG Connect Academy, DG Research, Royal Institute of Strategic Studies, IRES-Rabat, Federal University of Rio Janeiro, Kobe University Japan, Hangyang University, Seoul , Hong Kong Polytechnic University, National Sun-Yat-Sen University, Taiwan, ISCAE Casablanca, Al Akhayun University, Ifrane, among others.


Research Grants

The European research project Hermeneut- (2 M Euros budget) (2017/2019), aiming at the measurement of the impact of cyberattacks on intangibles of firms and organisations  

The  European Research project – GlobalInto- (3 M Euros budget),  dedicated to the analysis of the impact of intangibles on productivity and economic growth  (2019-2022)

The   ANR project on cloud computing and organisational design – CBOD (2013-2018)

A research project for INPI on valuing IPRs complementarities (2014/2015)

The European chair on intangibles programme , since 2008, with the focus of different facettes of intangibles: measurement, reporting, valuation, management


Author of several books  and papers on intangible assets valuation and innovation policy and strategies, among these:

  • Intangibles, Market Failure and Innovation Growth (with T. Miyagawa), Springer, 2015
  • Digital Futures, Digital transformation, From Lean production to Acceluction, Springer (2015).
  • Le Capital organisationnel, Springer, Paris, 2011.
  • Organisational Capital, Modeling, Measuring, Contextualising, Routledge, London, & NY. 2009.
  • Capital immatériel, connaissance, performance, L’harmattan, Paris, 2006
  • Valeur et performance des systèmes d’information, Dunod, 2006 (with G. Epinette)
  • Intellectual Capital for Communities, Nations, Regions and Cities, Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, Burlington, MA (coedited with Leif Edvinsson), 2005
  • The Management of Intangibles, The Organisation’s Most Valuable Assets, Routledge, London & New York. 2003
  • Le management des ressources immatérielles, Dunod, 1998.