Valérie Nicolas-Hémar attended the 14th JNRC Conference in Angers, on 21-22 November 2019.

She presented the paper entitled Do you eat insects? ” – Acceptance of insects as food by 9-13 years old children, co-written with Céline Gallen and Gaëlle Pantin-Sohier.

Abstract: This qualitative study, conducted with 24 children aged 9 to 13, aims to understand the factors of acceptability and rejection of insects as a new food for children and to propose marketing actions levers conducive to acceptance. Results show that the rejection of insects as food by children is strongly influenced by an aversion to their sensory properties and the disgust they arouse. Nevertheless, this disgust seems to be mitigated through the transformation of a product close to a known food and the attraction of curiosity. These results enable to discuss the edible status of insects for children and to propose actions to increase the desire to taste them.