Sandra Charreire-Petit published her article «Les effets des proximités sur l’apprentissage : le cas de la prise en charge de la douleur chronique en France »,  co-authored with Damien Talbot (IAE, Université de Clermont Auvergne) in a special issue of Management International 27(6), 93-105, « Le management des connaissances à l’épreuve des nouveaux « objets » de la gestion du XXIe siècle».

Abstract: The objective of this article is to study the effects of proximity on learning to better understand how, at a theoretical level, the dimensions of proximity are articulated with the key steps of the learning process. Empirically, the objective is to better understand these effects in a particular health domain, the treatment of chronic pain in France, through consultations in hospital pain centers. The analysis reveals two main findings: 
1) organizational proximity favors patient empowerment and, in doing so, patient learning; 2) there is a mutually reinforcing effect between social proximity and learning, so far not documented in the literature.