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Hello! I am a PhD student in Economics at University Paris-Saclay. My current research interests include international economics and development. I am also an affiliate at AgroParisTech Paris-Saclay. I graduated from the University Paris-Saclay in 2022 with an MS in Economics.

PhD Student in Economics
Membre actuel
Faculté Jean Monnet (Droit, Économie, Management) - Université Paris-Saclay

International Economics, Trade, Sanctions

Development Economics; Structural Transformation

Macroeconomics (Undergraduate)

Microeconomics (Undergraduate)

Structural Transformation and Trade Liberalization: Evidence from RTA Enactments

We ask whether trade liberalization promotes labor and value-added reallocation to manufacturing and manufacturing labor productivity growth using Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) as a proxy for trade liberalization. We leverage a panel dataset of structural transformation measures on 51 developing and developed economies from 1990-2018. We also exploit the covariates related to the agreement via 2SLS estimations using a novel method proposed by Freyaldenhoven et al. (2019). We find that RTAs promote industrialization trends in value-added shares but have no statistically significant effect on manufacturing employment shares. Interestingly, the impact on manufacturing labor productivity is significant, suggesting that trade liberalization throughout the last 30 years has promoted overall productivity growth through sectoral productivity rather than structural change. This is in line with the total productivity decomposition results, which show that from 1990-2018, sectoral productivity growth has been the primary source of total labor productivity growth and that the manufacturing sector has made a significant contribution.

Link to the working paper.

International Monetary Fund Award in International Economics for the best work presented during AEA Annual Meetings