Jean Lacroix

Jean Lacroix


Maître de conférences

Faculté Jean Monnet
54, Boulevard Desgranges
92330 SCEAUX

Office: D102

Fields of Research

Political Economics (Political transition and conflict)

Economic History (Industrialisation and XXth century)


– L3 EA – Croissance et cycles

– M2 Economics – Political Economics

– M2 Développement Agricole Durable – Travail d’enquête et de terrain

Research Dissemination

VoxEu Column: “Violence in the US: What we can learn from the 1965 Voting Rights Act”

VoxEU Column: “10 July 1940, Vichy, France: Lessons on dynasties from a democratic suicide

Emission Les Eclaireurs (RTBF, La Première):”Les dynasties politiques démocratiques: gardiennes de la démocratie?”

Research Grants

British Academy/Leverhulme Small research grant: “Democratic purges in post-World War II France: Was it all about separating the wheat from the chaff?” (2018-2021)


Lacroix, J., Méon P.-G., Sekkat K. (forthcoming). “Democratic transitions can attract foreign direct investment: Effect, trajectories, and the role of political risk”  Journal of Comparative Economics

Lacroix, J. (2018). ”Steam democracy up! Industrialization-led opposition in Napoleonic plebiscites.” European Review of Economic History, 22(2), 135-160. – Editor’s Choice