Charles Xavier, a Ph.D. student of the RITM supervised by Anne Plunket, will defend his Ph.D. thesis entitled “Use and economic value of Big Data”, on December 11, 2023.

The PhD defense will start at 9:30 AM in Room Gaudemet (Building D of the Faculty Jean Monnet).

Composition of the jury:

  • David Flacher, Professeur (Université Technologique de Compiègne) – Président
  • Marc Baudry, Professeur (Université Paris Nanterre) – Rapporteur
  • Valerio Sterzi, Professeur (Université de Bordeaux) – Rapporteur
  • Grazia Cecere, Professeure (Institut Mines Telecom, Business School) – Examinatrice
  • François Acquatella, Maître de conférences (Université Paris Dauphine) – Examinateur
PhD Thesis Abstract:
The main objective of this thesis is to study the impact of the emergence of Big Data processing technologies on the innovation of organizations in the field of data processing. This analysis was carried out through the study of one of the main Big Data technologies: MapReduce, a technology that was the subject of a patent filing by the American company Google in 2004. This thesis consists of three chapters. The first chapter characterizes the emergence of Big Data processing technologies thanks to a scientometric study of the MapReduce patent. The second chapter studies the impact of open innovation within the Big Data technology sector through an econometric analysis of citations to the MapReduce patent and its follow-on innovations. The third chapter focuses on the impact of “patent pledges” on the valuation of the patent portfolio of three companies in the information and communications technology sector: Google, Microsoft, and IBM.