The book “Towards Health Empowerment” (Vers l’empowerment en santé in French) was published on the 1st of December 2023, World AIDS Day. This collective work compiles the results and lessons learned from the MAKASI community-based research project, which aims to foster the health empowerment of immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa whose precarious living conditions may expose them to sexual risks and HIV. Improving health empowerment involves finding innovative ways of giving people living in precarious conditions the social and material resources they need to look after themselves.

Jean-Noël Senne co-authored Chapter 6 on the impact of the MAKASI intervention on access to health coverage, and Chapter 8 on the cost-effectiveness analysis of the intervention.

The book is freely available here: [Download the book]

For more information on the MAKASI project: [MAKASI website]