Clotilde Coron published her paper “Gender Stereotypes in Europe” in Economie et Statistique / Economics and Statistics, 2023, 541: 33–53.

Abstract: Gender stereotypes are most often represented in the form of a one-dimensional scale, ranging from a traditional view to an egalitarian view, which does not adequately reflect the complexity of the corpus of representations on gender. Using the 2017 European Values Study, which has a breadth of indicators describing countries in terms of equality between women and men, the contribution of this article is twofold. First of all, it shows that gender stereotypes relating to the separation between the private and professional spheres can be represented in two dimensions, one corresponding to an overall adherence to these stereotypes and therefore pertaining to the dominant approach in the literature, and the other corresponding to an adherence to stereotypes relating to the role of the mother in particular. Then, the article estimates the individual and national factors that determine adherence to those two dimensions and shows that the differences between countries are smaller in the second dimension.

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