Fabien Gargam published his paper “Pourquoi la régulation du dopage doit-elle subir une thérapie de choc ?” (Why does the regulation of doping need shock therapy?)  in Revue Interdisciplinaire Droit et Organisations.

Abstract: Doping in sport means a highly strategic subject that raises questions among non-specialists and specialists alike. These questions generally focus on doped thletes, and rarely on the regulation of doping. After studying this regulation at length, the author of the article establishes that it seems poorly defined for three reasons and that it is in a state of permanent failure by means of quantitative and qualitative data. To remedy these two problems, he prescribes a new lexical approach with four concepts and a cultural change in four areas. Beyond the sporting nature of the subject, the article puts the regulation of doping into perspective with the other regulations in society.

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